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The "Rustic" Detials

About the Company
Originally Eastern Michigan Industries was started in 2000 with the desire to deliver quality steel fabrications and machined products to the automotive tooling and aerospace industry. It started as a small two man operation, since then it has grown to include more than 25 employees. Due to their hard work and dedication, the company has become the thriving success that it is today. Through the years there have been many ups and downs. We have remained in business by vowing to consistently follow our core principle; to never compromise on the level of quality we insist on providing to our customers, regardless of how it might affect the bottom line! Because of our dedication to this principle our loyal customers have stuck by our side for more than 15 years, putting their trust in the superior level of quality and satisfaction they have always received. We are truly grateful to our customers for allowing us the honor to help grow their business, while simultaneously allowing us to provide for our families.  Over the years we have had the pleasure of branching out into the Custom Residential Railing business which has led us to making a unique style of furniture which we now sell here at The Steel Lodge!

About the Owner
Derrick Kemppainen has worked in the tool and die industry for more than 25 years, he has worked for some of the largest Tooling and Fabrication companies in the metro Detroit area before eventually deciding to start his own company. Derrick enjoys designing and creating furniture as well.  His creativity and manufacturing company has given him the platform to create the best quality furniture and the most unique designs that you find only at The Steel Lodge and Hotmetal Railing companies.  Derrick started producing residential furniture and custom railing designs not only for himself, but friends, family members and customers as well. His love of designing and manufacturing unique pieces is what prompted the birth of our new store The Steel Lodge. Operating on the same principles as Eastern Michigan Industries our goal is to bring new and interesting products manufactured to the highest quality, to the market. These custom pieces are sure to become treasured family heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations and still look as if they are brand new!
Using the same cutting edge technology as is used in our tool manufacturing business we strive to accurately produce products that bring together the natural beauty of wood, with the unique look of cut-steel design!
Our Products:
We have set out to redefine the creativity of design by using CAD, compute automated design, to create awesome custom designs that can be produced on precision machines to keeps costs comparable if not lower than the bigger nationwide chain stores, manufactured to a quality you won’t find anywhere else! All of our products are Plasma or laser cut for detail, and Powder Coated for maximum durability and finish! Using quality Red Cedar or Pine we carefully finish the wood to compliment the steel for a look you will own and be proud to show off to family and friends for years to come!
All of our pieces are manufactured and assembled in Detroit, Michigan making them 100% American made products! No two pieces will be exactly alike, all of our products are handmade, our steel is cut one piece at a time on CNC machines and our solid wood allows for the small imperfections that occur in nature and enhance the unique beauty of our products.